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      MARCH 30th & 31st  

      PERTH WEEKEND Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Master (CSM). Guaranteed to Run   

      This WEEKEND CSM training course is confirmed to run at the Holiday Inn on Hay Street in Perth’s CBD. Gaining this qualification is a terrific career boosting opportunity. Over two days you can be confident of enjoying this dynamic, effective and interactive training. We are 100 percent confident that you will succeed in passing the CSM test, and perhaps more importantly, we also promise that you will learn exceptional ScrumMaster skills.

      Join this course today to become a Scrum Alliance CSM.


      March. 30th & 31st 2019 

      9am to 4.30pm

      With Stuart Mitchell



         APRIL 9th & 10th  2019

      SYDNEY Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Master™(CSM).   

      Take home the CSM certificate by joining this CSM training course at Rydges World Square Hotel, in Sydney’s CBD.  We promise this is a rewarding, interactive and fun class that’s a million miles from dull PowerPoint led training. You’ll have a great time, learn highly marketable skills while enlarging your network.  We are also 100 per cent confident that you will succeed in passing the CSM test and gain the skills to become an exceptional Scrum Team member.

      Apr. 9th & 10th 2019

      9am to 4.30pm


      With Stuart Mitchell

       What RedAgile Agile Training Offers

      Certified Scrum Master™ 

      The Certified Scrum Master is the  pivotal role in Scrum. This two day Scrum Alliance training is the next crucial step in any Agile journey… 

      Certified Product Owner™ 

      Become a great Product Owner in just two days.  Interactive, fun and group based learning guarantees this learning will be invaluable…

      CAL™ Training 

      Certified Agile Leaders are crucial to organisational change. Over two days become a leader who will inspire excellent Scrum Teams…

      Agile Consulting


      Through facilitation, enable effective communications, overcome Agile challenges and create outstanding Scrum teams…


      Train, develop and support management teams in Agile Leadership  as the most effective route to true organisational change…


      Adopt an Agile approach to Corporate Governance. This is now widely seen as a crucial new approach for  decision makers…

      Agile stealth taxes – the deadly threat from within

      Stuart Mitchell | Certified Scrum Trainer, Certified Team Coach, Agile360  Sponsored by PM-Partners
      Just like fish cannot see water many organisations cannot see the true effect they are having on their Agile projects.

      Past Talks and Awards

      • Scrum Gathering Bangalore 2017
      • CIO Summit Sydney 2017
      • Agile Australia 2017
      • Agile Australia 2016, Melbourne, Australia
      • Regional Scrum Gathering 2016
      • LAST Conference – 2016 – Coaches Surgery Sydney
      • Agile Coaches Bootcamp
      • Gartner Agile DevOps Roundtable Forum (conf. call)
      • Agile Meetup Groups
      • Winner of the UK ‘Most Valuable Agile Programme in the UK’ – 2010 Agile Business Awards
      • Runner Up – UK ‘Agile Project Manager of the Year’ – 2011
      • HSBC Platinum Award Winner – 2014
      • HK University Lecturer – 2015
      • Keynote Conference Speaker (’08-’15): Agile Business Conference, Agile on the Beach, India Agile Conf. Thoughtworks Champions, Amsterdam Agile & DevOps Governance, invited to speak at Atlassian San Francisco.
      • Conference Keynotes: “Agile in the Trenches’, ‘Agile Governance: Revolution or Evolution’, ‘Agile Warts and All’, ‘Stop Delivering Elephants’, Making Large Agile Projects Work’, ‘DevOps and Achieving Delivery’
      • Author/Contributory Author/ Reviewer:  UK Government; ‘System Error – Fixing the flaws with Agile’, National Audit Office ‘Agile Project Governance’ and Alt-F

      Stuart has Presented at Agile Events Worldwide

      Has Taught hundreds of Courses Across 12 Countries

      He Is the Winner of 3 Industry Awards


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