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      Effective Agile Leadership is key to any organisation that aims for growth and high performance. Through consultancy the challenges faced by Agile organisations can be addressed efficiently and the leadership that emerges from the process will become pathfinders for the management pipeline.

      Traditional management habits and practices hold back even the most ambitious Agile leaders. Overcoming cultural resistance and embedded practices can be achieved with significantly faster and better results when outside expertise is made responsible for the process.

      A trained and capable Agile Leadership Group leads to a strong culture with actions that lead to individual empowerment and organisation wide collaboration.




      Governance is the biggest yet least discussed impediment rising before the Agile Industry. It’s present to some degree in every single company but particularly in those operating in highly regulated environments. 

      I have made a study of the interaction between Agile and governance for many years. I first gave a presentation about it at the first Agile Governance Conference in Amsterdam in 2012. Since then I have been responsible for one of the largest global Agile transformations to date, in banking, which is undoubtedly the most tightly regulated industry.

      My years of experience and focus has led to the conclusion that just as fish cannot see water, many of us cannot see the deep impact corporate governance has on our Agile programs. Most recently, as I have been working on a book on Agile Corporate Governance, I have reached a firm conviction. I believe that if left unmodified, the very governance and compliance structures built ‘for protection’ risk becoming the ultimate cause of an organisations downfall. 

      My belief is based on what I know to be the evolution of standard  governance structures and how these structures are no longer fit for purpose in todays Agile environment. The arrival of startup disruptors has now made the situation critical for many sectors and what’s needed today is revolutionary change leading to integrated and highly effective Agile Corporate Governance. 

      The potential benefit for an organisation choosing to take strategic action on Agile Governance is likely to be seismic.  ‘Your margin is my opportunity’ said Jeff Bezos and now every company needs the ability to deliver FASTER while sticking to ever-higher measures of governance SAFETY. 

      My advise to any organisation is focused on maximizing the efficiency of the integration between Agile Teams and governance and compliance departments. There is never any suggestion of lowering thresholds to move faster; this is about integration, transparency and establishing trust.

      This can be a daunting prospect as governance and compliance are seen as the ultimate safety nets. But inaction is not a risk reducing strategy; it is instead inviting the prospect of stagnation and decline. Those organisations which recognise that threat and act  will ultimately have stronger, leaner governance and highly effective Agile programs. 

      This year I have been discussing and presenting on this subject at Agile and leadership conferences in Australia and India.

      Agile Australia 2017 

      CIO Summit Sydney 2017 

      and Scrum Gathering Bangalore 2017 




      The support of a hugely experienced and highly skilled facilitator is typically crucial to the success of Agile transformations within organisations.  It has been found that utilising the services of a subject matter expert facilitator from outside the organisation can significantly accelerate the creation of ideal conditions for effective group processes. The facilitation services offered by RedAgile is a proactive choice for any organisation or team looking to achieve objectives quickly.