Scrum Reporting

Reporting may not a major feature of Scrum or Agile however it is good for the Scrum Team to see their progress to be able to adapt accordingly. It speaks to the Scrum values of openness and respect (for the Scrum Team as well as stakeholders), as well as the Scrum Pillars of transparency, inspection and adaptation.

Below we show some key reports that can be used to track progress and for communication to stakeholders. The Burn Down Chart and Sprint Velocity will inform the Scrum Team on their commitment at the Sprint level. Whilst a Burn Up Chart and a Defects Trend Chart will help to adjust key decisions on upcoming commitments.


The Burn Down Chart is a chart which shows the daily progress of completed Story Points during the Sprint (these Story Points were determined during Sprint Planning and added to the Sprint Backlog). It is a count down from the total of points the team committed for this Sprint. The x-axis is days and the y-axis is story points. Exclude weekends and public holidays and any non-working days for readability.