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Top 3 Traits of a Great Agile Leader

Chief Product Owner of the Scrum Alliance, Howard Sublett reveals his Top 3 Traits.

Being a Boss Doesn’t Make You a Leader

You can be a leader without being anyone’s boss. And you can be someone’s boss and not be much of a leader at all.

“It’s not your position that matters. It’s how you position yourself that makes the difference” - Howard Sublett.

1. Agile Leaders Inspire Courage

Great leaders inspire others through their words and actions. They’re willing to take accountability when things don’t go as planned and credit the team for successes.

2. Agile Leaders Are Curious Listeners

Agile leaders, though intelligent and experienced, do not know the answers to everything. So they build and empower teams who aren’t afraid to put forward new ideas and speak up to challenge others. By listening, Agile leaders are investing in ideas and encouraging mistakes for broader innovation.

3. Agile Leaders Serve and Care for Their Teams

Agile leaders are aware of the wellbeing of their teams.. They also like to ensure that their teams are engaged and happy. The key is to create an environment that is built for success - having open communication, being vulnerable and transparent to encompass honesty within the team.

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