The Scrum Guide

Introduction and overview of the official Scrum Guide


We would like to acknowledge the fantastic work of the broader Scrum community and the efforts that have been put in to produce such an impactful update to The Scrum Guide.

We have complied these FREE resources on the new Scrum Guide 2020 to help everyone in using  the Scrum framework improve their project or organisation.



The Scrum Guide™, The Definitive Guide to Scrum: The Rules of the Game, developed and sustained by the founders of Scrum – Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland – contains the definition of Scrum, including roles, events, artifacts, and the rules that bind them together.

Scrum Alliance®, along with Scrum Inc., and endorse and support of The Scrum Guide because we believe this makes the most sense for the Scrum community.


This Guide is based on the principles on which Scrum was founded and offers Scrum practitioners worldwide, a common standard and understanding of the foundations of Scrum.

The Scrum Guide 2020 

The updated 2020 Scrum Guide brings some exciting developments to the Scrum framework to help Scrum become more beneficial for more people, putting the power of Scrum in the hands of many more individuals and businesses.

The new Scrum Guide is leaner. but its core remains empirical. The key pillars of Transparency, Inspection and Adaptation are still the cornerstones of good Scrum. All updates to the Scrum Guide are based on 25 years of Scrum practiced by you, the Scrum community. 

More Transparent

Leaner.  Easier to access, and more straightforward, opening the door to more practitioners in new industries and domains.

Less Prescriptive

Scrum is a framework and is not intended to be set in stone. Removing some rigidity makes Scrum inclusive and fit for any project.

LISTEN: The 2020 Scrum Guide 

In this studio recording Stuart and Sam read through the 2020 full version of The Scrum Guide so you can listen and absorb the new and adapted content from the Scrum Guide.

WATCH: The 2020 Scrum Guide 

We've added subtitles to our audio recording of the Scrum Guide, so if you 'd like to read along with audio this is the version of the Scrum guide for you.

READ: The Scrum Guide 2020

The new Scrum Guide is leaner from 16pages to 13pages. It's easier to access, and more straightforward.  It removes much of the IT centric language recognising truly its usage across a multitude of industries across the World.  The framework is also less prescriptive removing things such as 'the 3 Daily Scrum questions'.  The guide's language is tighter more concentrated and reflects better the place Scrum has in the community.  Ken Schwaber and Dr Jeff Sutherland, including their respective teams, have accomplished a fantastic piece of work.

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What do we think? 

We are very excited about the release of the new scrum guide, the changes and amendments we feel adapt the system making the power of the scrum framework more accesible to more industry's, teams and individuals.

A 5min summary review of the key changes made in the new Scrum Guide.  Stu and Sam discuss each of the principle changes, some background as to 'why' they were made and there potential impact.

Stu talking about the scrum guide 2020

In this episode of Red Chat Sam and Stu discuss the changes in the new scrum guide.

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