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      Certified Scrum Master (CSM) 

      The Certified Scrum Master course offers a solid foundation on which to build an understanding of what it means to be a member of a successful Scrum Team.  Over two days I lead the class through the Scrum framework in a highly interactive and engaging blend of teaching and group exercises.

      The course ensures that attendees learn the fundamentals of all Scrum Roles & Responsibilities, Scrum Events and Artifacts. 

      I am an award winning Scrum Coach and Trainer with over 10 years of experience in Scrum to draw from. I have a particular empathy for those highly experienced in traditional methodology. I made this transition myself and convincingly make the case for the Scrum framework. This course is the best first step on a tried and tested training pathway. It’s a foundation that represents valuable preparation for further training as a Certified ScrumMaster, Certified Product Owner or Certified Scrum Developer

      Day 1

      A definition of Scrum, the core elements of Scrum, the core Scrum values empirical process controls, why Scrum is a framework not a process or methodology, Scrum Team roles and cross functional and self organising teams. 

      Day 2

      The artifacts within Scrum, the Definition of Done, the four events within Scrum, timeboxing, product backlog refinement and a hands on, beginning to end simulation of Scrum implementation.

      Who Should Attend

      The course is ideal for people book starting out and for established practitioners looking to move on the next level with formal training and Scrum Alliance certification.  It’s also aimed at managers and executives who interact with Scrum teams and who want to learn the language and understand the framework.


      Certified Product Owner (CSPO)

      This 2-day course offers the ultimate in hands-on learning for Product Owners looking to up their skill set.  This is a deep dive into the role based on the internationally recognized Scrum Guide and the learning objectives of the Scrum Alliance.

      This course is designed to be highly practical in its focus and format. It offers a unique opportunity to gain knowledge and experience at an accelerated rate. By exploring real world case studies and effectively applied real world solutions the trainee gains insight that might otherwise take years to achieve.

      There is also a clear focus on an approach using the lens of a Product Owner to all aspects of Scrum. Techniques are explored to improve communication skills, particularly with non-Scrum Team stakeholders, and methods are explored to build deeper understanding and empathy.

      Based on what is learned on this course a PO will return to the challenge of efficiently managing the product backlog in full confidence.

      This Product Owner role can be challenging, but it is essential that the PO is resolute within the Scrum framework so that a product will be efficiently delivered to the marketplace.

      Day 1

      The Agile framework and the role of the Product Owner within a Scrum Team. How the PO contributes both to the Team’s effectiveness and to the output of the organisation.  Creating a project Vision and refining the product backlog, And how to engage effectively and communicate with Stakeholders to help protect the team to they will achieve the Sprint Goas, 

      Day 2

      Analysis of Scrum artefacts, the Definition of Done,Estimation, Prioritisation, The role of the PO during the events within a Sprint.  Embedded in this training on both days is a  hands on, beginning to end simulation of Scrum implementation. Through this practical exercise PO students are effectively set up for success back in the workplace. 

      Who Should Attend

      Whether you are working within a Scrum Team already or aspire to do so, Scrum Alliance certification as a Product Owner is a vital stepping stone.   It’s also aimed at Project Managers, Business Analysts, Architects and leadership members interacting with Scrum teams who wish to becoming more effective by learning the language  of Scrum and gaining understanding of the Agile framework. 

      Certified Agile Leadership CAL I

      Who Should Attend

      The course is aimed at a Product Owner who has experience but wants to gain the knowledge and skill to move to a higher level. It’s designed to be part of a professional development programme with a clear structure and defined goals.