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Team Management Systems

Simple, proven, research-based tools to align and accelerate your team.

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Through their research Drs Margerison and McCann uncovered key success factors that apply irrespective of industry, country and culture. The Team Management Systems concepts and individually customized suite of TMS Profiles have been extended from the original research to develop tools.
All TMS concepts provide individuals with an easy-to-understand framework that explains how people work together effectively, solve problems and provide leadership. These concepts encapsulate at a deep level what we call Team Intelligence and provide a key to structured and meaningful discussion about critical business issues.

Our accreditation programs are designed to give learning and development professionals an understanding of how to uncover the layers of meaning in our powerful tools and make full use of the TMS suite of Profiles.

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Sam Bowtell


Australian based trainer 


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We've put together the best trainers and the best courses to help you build your own Agile toolkit. 


Window On Work Values Profile


Linking Leader Profile


Opportunities Obstacles Quotent Profile


Team Management Profiles


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Our CSM course has been rated 5 stars by over 800 hundred students.

Our courses and trainers are fully accredited by the ScrumAlliance.

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