Bikablo basics - Visual Facilitation Training

In this 2 day course you'll learn the basic technique's and skills of bikablo to become a visual story teller. 

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Course Overview

Have you seen other people use visuals to communicate and asked yourself, I wish I could do that?


Well, you can! You don’t need any drawing experience to start your visualisation journey.

The bikablo® technique is a proven step-by-step process that builds upon each learning module, guiding you through the basics of visual language for use in visual thinking, communication, facilitation and collaboration. 

RedAgile and our subject matter expert Marc Hundleby of 'The Humble PM', will deliver this LIVE ONLINE bikablo® basics course.

Key information

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Live in-person online

2 day training

6am Perth | 9am Sydney | 11am Auckland

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Australian based trainer


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Online Class

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Training Details

Lay the foundation for your future as a visualizer!


With the pictograms, figures and graphic elements of the bikablo technique, you will work through the basics of visual language on flipcharts and pinboards step by step. 

Giving you the tools and techniques to be able to build visual storytelling and facilitate meetings with this technique.

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Learning Objectives

How to take charge of large surfaces (flip charts, graphic walls, whiteboards) with bold, clean lines.

Discover simple and easy ways to draw objects and people.

Use and connect basic geometric shares to create graphic elements and containers to relate topics and make clear statements. 

Combine visuals and extend the visual vocabulary to illustrate abstract concepts and demonstrate complex connections. 

How to apply colour, shading and use simple colour strategies to structure large-format layouts. 

Develop an understanding of how their dominant CliftonStrengths themes work together

How to apply and use visuals and visual facilitation in different work scenarios, like meetings, webinars, training courses, 1 on 1 coaching and group presentations.

Who should attend?

Coaches, BA’s, Scrum Masters, Consultants, Project Managers, Trainers, you name it! Basically anyone who would like to be able to use visuals to help solve complex problems, improve communications, create bespoke content and engage internal and external stakeholders. If you believe that you cannot draw, you must attend as we will prove to you that you can!

Benefits for Agile Teams

A fun and powerful way to engage and empower individuals and teams, solve organisational problems, obtain organisational support, and create alignment in agile ceremonies.

Course Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites to this course.

This course is only available for people located in Australia and NZ only.

Course Takeaways

Bikablo® Online StarterSet: 

  • Every participant receives the official StarterSet including eight visualization markers (6 for large scale – flipchart/graphic wall and 2 for smaller formats – A4/sketchpad), a RefillOne ink and two Starter Booklets that summarize the principles, content and techniques of the training.

Photo documentation:

  • Photos of the training will be provided to participants in a digital format after the workshop to use as a training reference.

Training Certificate:

  • A certificate confirming your participation in the training and a list of the content covered in the course.

Bikablo® Community: 

  • An invitation to join the bikablo® alumni online community where you can find further materials, links, tips, tricks and opportunities to exchange ideas with other participants.

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Everything you need to get started

This course includes the bikablo tools you need to take part in this interactive class

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  • Official StarterSet including eight visualization markers nd 2 pens for smaller formats – A4 or notepads for sketch noting).

  • Flipchart Paper

  • RefillOne ink 

  • Two Starter Booklets that summarize the principles

  • Content and techniques of the training

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Bikablo® - Basic Visual Facilitation Training & Coaching

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