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Passionate about Scrum education

Through our training and consulting we take pride in delivering fun and engaging Scrum education.


Professionals Trained and Certified


Organisational Agile Transformations


CST's Average experience with Agile

17 years

Countries we actively train people in


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We've worked hard to build the most engaging and interactive Agile education experiences you will find, delivering you real world knowledge that adds value in your career.  

We are a passionate team, dedicated to helping you as individuals live Agile not just do Agile. We have all personally experienced the benefits Agile brings and want to share that with you. 

Over the last 8 years we have built and refined RedAgile from a solo enterprise into Australia's largest Agile training organisation qualified to deliver the complete range of Scrum Alliance courses.

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What makes us different

Having worked with some of Australia’s biggest and most forward-thinking organisations, we know what it takes to deliver world-class training. The real-world, practical knowledge you can gain from our courses is invaluable.

Largest APAC Scrum training provider

Complete range of Scrum Alliance qualifications

All our CST's have been Agile leaders

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Making learning fun

The interactive nature of our courses is what makes it fun. Building connections and learning from other individual’s experiences is what makes our courses different from any other. 


The technologies we use will enhance your learning experience allowing you to apply your Scrum knowledge into practice. The collaborative nature of our training will engage you for the full duration of the training. 


We are Australian owned and operated, with all of our training team being located in Australia.

We are a licenced Scrum Alliance training provider for the full range of Agile certifications

We are Australia's highest rated Agile training provider with over 1k, five star reviews from students.

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Giving back

We like to help those that help others.

As a result over many years of operation we have helped hundreds of charities and non for profits learn about Agile and Scrum.

We are proud to partner with amazing non-for-profit organisations to assist them in using agile methodologies to effectively deliver their services to the community.

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Want to stay Agile?

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Are you a charity or non for profit?

We are committed to helping non for profit organisations adopt Agile through via special discount programs  

Our company values

RedAgile operates on three core values that drive our teams actions


We've worked hard to build the most engaging and interactive Agile education experiences you will find, delivering you real world knowledge that adds value in your career.  


We aim to teach beyond the just badge - We have a light hearted approach to training but provide deep learning.  We advocate the approach - 'be agile and live agile do just do agile'  


We want to help people who help others, we do this by providing them with Agile skills and training so they can grow there organisations and keep helping others.

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