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Agile experts to help you grow

We've assembled a highly skilled team of world-class trainers and rockstar support staff focused on delivering incredible training experiences that are fun, engaging and push you to expand your Agile skills.


Stu Mitchell

Founder, Certified Scrum Trainer, Lead Trainer

Stu is one of the world’s leading Scrum Trainers and Agile Coaches.  His approach to training is founded on a wealth of experience working across five continents. He is convinced that the best learning at every level is interactive, engaging, and fun.


Sam Bowtell

Certified Scrum Trainer, Co-Lead Trainer

Energy, Caring and Fun. Sam brings these to every aspect of his work and life as a Leader, Coach, Trainer and Facilitator.
He’s played many roles in the teams he has been part of; Scrum Master, Product Owner, Practice Lead, Training Lead, Program Lead and Sales Lead.


Kane Mar

Certified Scrum Trainer

A software developer since 1990, he’s been an agile specialist since 2001, and a professional Scrum coach and trainer since 2006.


Stuart Turner

Certified Scrum Trainer

Stuart Turner partners with people wanting to develop healthy workplace ecosystems, which enable groups of talented people to be highly effective and fulfilled.


Jason Cameron

SAFe Trainer & Consultant

I love agile, I mean I really love agile!
It has provided me with so many fantastic opportunities and experiences that I cannot help but want to share its awesomeness with others and provide them with an avenue to grow as well.


Deon Rademeyer

Gallup Strengths Trainer & Consultant

Helping organisations improve productivity and collaboration using world-leading assessment tools and methodologies from Gallup


Andrew Seabrook

DevOps Trainer & Consultant

An ITIL v2 Manager, ITIL V3 Expert, ITIL 4 Managing Professional, Certified Agile Service Manager and Professional Cloud Service Manager, Andrew has been involved in IT service support and delivery for over 30 years.


Marc Hundleby

Bikablo Trainer & Consultant

I have a passion for working with people, whether that’s supporting them through personal growth and development or Organisational Change.


Pauline McCole

Co-Founder & Operations Director

Is the Director of Operations for RedAgile Training And Consulting,


Mahima Kalra

Corporate Business Development Manager

Mahima wears a lot of hats in RedAgile from onboarding students to establishing new corporate client relationships.

Alex Davis

Business Director

Coming Soon.... We're just taking our time to craft something awesome!


Anika Das Gupta

Marketing and Business Operations Specialist

Anika is our Marketing and Business Operations Specialist helping students onboard into classes and developing content marketing strategies.


Lisa Bristow

Operations and Finance Manager

Lisa admin and coordination skills make sure the wheels on the RedAgile bus keep turning.


Jon Quinton

Marketing Manager

Jon has a passion for creating incredible digital experiences


Our associate and partners


Dr Sarah Roberston

Leadership Expert

Sarah is passionate in applying experience gained over two decades to help people to understand their own minds better.  Her specialty is guiding leaders to have focus, compassion, awareness, innovation, resilience, and success in Agile culture.


This leads to productive awareness of values and purpose. Sarah’s career encompasses Biotech start-ups, GE, Accenture, and BCG. She has consulted at complex organisations, SMEs and not-for-profits across Europe, Singapore and Australia.

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