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CliftonStrengths - Discovery for Agile Teams

On this one-day course you'll gain practical techniques, tools and experiences to better understand, appreciate and use your natural talents.



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Course Overview

Gallup research shows that individuals progress more rapidly in their areas of strength than in their areas of weakness. Despite this discovery, people often spend more time trying to fix their shortcomings than developing their areas of strength. All too often, individuals don’t make the most of their natural talents.

RedAgile and our subject matter expert Deon Rademeyer of Team Diagnostics, will deliver this LIVE ONLINE CliftonStrengths Discovery for Agile Teams training course.

During this one-day course, participants gain practical techniques, tools and experiences to better understand, appreciate and use their natural talents. They learn the uniqueness of their talents and the language of strengths. Participants also discover how to share their talents and strengths with others and use their strengths to accomplish their most important goals and purpose.

Key information

Got Questions? 

Live in-person online

1 day training

7am Perth | 10am Sydney | 12pm Auckland

Indicative start times

Australian based trainer


AUD inc. GST

Online Class

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Training Details

Over 26+ million people have completed the CliftonStrengths assessment -- and used their results to maximize their potential at work and everywhere else. 

Understanding one’s natural talents is just the beginning of the strengths discovery journey. Gallup’s CliftonStrengths Discovery course builds on participants awareness of their strengths to help them identify ways to intentionally invest in their innate talents to apply in their work and life.


Learning Objectives

Discover how to make a difference by doing more of what they naturally do best

Learn effective approaches to real organisational change and successful Agile adoption.

Get insights into their innate talents by working with their CliftonStrengths 34 results report

Learn how to develop their greatest talents into strengths

Learn to navigate and manage themes at the bottom of their strengths profile

Develop an understanding of how their dominant CliftonStrengths themes work together

Develop strategies to help them use their strongest CliftonStrengths to accomplish specific targets, goals
and aspirations

Think about how they can combine their talents with others’ to achieve greater success

Who should attend?

This course is for individuals who want to continue their strengths journey by learning how to focus on and invest in their dominant talents through integration into their daily activities.

Benefits for Agile Teams

To enable valuing Individuals and their Interaction, Agile Team Members need to understand themselves first, followed by understanding their fellow team members. CliftonStrengths identifies those unique patterns of how people think, feel and behave that can be productively applied. CliftonStrengths for Agile Teams provides the building blocks for effective Scrum Team cohesion.

Course Prerequisites

Prior to the course you will need to take the CliftonStrengths online assessment. 

During this hour-long assessment, you'll see 177 paired statements and choose which ones best describe you.

Course Takeaways

Via the Gallup Strengths Portal:

  • eLearning module – CliftonStrengths : Your Introduction

  • CliftonStrengths Individual Learning Journey
    This multi-modal journey provides participants with a 10 Step guide on how to continue developing their Strengths beyond the course.

Additional Insights:

  • Personal insights Summary

  • I Bring I Need Report – Your Contribution and Energisers

  • My34 Strengths Dashboard

Via the Strengths App on Apple / Google Store

  • CliftonStrengths App – Keep Strengths top of mind using the Strengths App. Includes your Report, Personal insights and Strengths Resource Guide.


Gain a Deeper Understanding

For over 50 years the GALLUP organisation has helped leaders & organizations solve their most pressing problems.  Bridge the science of analytics with the art of advice and learning to help clients identify and achieve what's possible. 

I'm ready to work understanding 
my Superpowers!

Learn More CAL
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Personalised Strengths Insights

We've helped thousands of individuals gain a greater understanding of there unique strengths and provided strategy's on how to maximise there strengths and manage there weaknesses.


CliftonStrengths 34

Visualise your strengths in this personalised report

Your customized CliftonStrengths reports and guides will give you an "aha" moment as you experience new ways to understand what makes you so unique.


Insights Summary

A deeper understanding of  your superpowers 

Get in-depth analysis of your top five CliftonStrengths themes. Unique to your specific CliftonStrengths profile,this report describes who you are in astonishing detail

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Continue your personal discovery journey

Book onto one of our CliftonStrengths course today and unlock your potential

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May 18, 2022

CliftonStrengths - Discovery for Agile Teams

1 day

Live online in person

12:30 AM

8:30 AM

Deon Rademeyer



Book CAL

Everything you need to know


  • Can you cater for my dietary requirements?
    Yes - We cater for a wide range of dietary requirements, as part of the booking process through Eventbrite we ask you to state your specific requirements.
  • How long is the training day?
    We aim to run from 9am to 5pm
  • If I can't attend can I transfer to another date?
    Yes - Please get in touch as soon as you know you have a problem attending and we'll arrange the transfer.
  • How large are your classes?
    We aim to keep our class sizes intimate as huge classes are an obstacle to learning.
  • Does the CSM course include and exam?
    Yes - The exam is included in the course price and it is manadatory to pass this exam to be awarded the qualification. It is an online mulitple choice open book exam, avaliable to sit directly after the training is completed. We recommend you sit the exam imediately as your knowledge will be fresh, however you have 3 months to complete the exam after the course.
  • Are there any prerequisites to the CSM course?
    No - We dont have any prerequisites for this course, however we do offer optional homework prior to the course commencing that will be sent in the weeks leading up to the course.
  • Does the CSPO course include and exam?
    The CSPO course does not included and exam. It is expected the Scrumm Alliance will introduce an exam in 2020.
  • Are there any prerequisites for the CSPO course?
    No offical prerequisites required to attend this course, however we do recommend you have a basic understanding of SCRUM to get the full benefits from this course.
  • Do I get a certificate for the CSPO course?
    Yes - Certificates are provided following the course and are avalaible to download.

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