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We're here to help make you a Scrum expert .

Using the years of experience myself and the team have as practitioners of Scrum we have put together this resources portal to help you better understand and use the power of Scrum in your work. 

We hope you enjoy and make great use of these resources, please let me know here if there are other resources you'd like to see here. 

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Scrum Career

We've put together these articles to help you in your Scrum career, our best tips on how best to position your self, grow your skills and land the job of your dreams.

Essential Scrum Reading

Here's our selection recommended reading  from the World of Scrum, these books have helped us develop our own Scrum careers and the Scrum teams we work with day in day out.

Scrum Basics

Here are a collection of some the best resources that underpin the Scrum philosophy, to help further your knowledge.