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We are one of the market-leading providers of Agile Scrum certification training in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. Having trained over 14,500 certified practitioners from over 700 Australian companies, government agencies, and tertiary institutions we understand how to deliver high quality training that drives organisations forward.

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Our training and consulting services have help hundreds of companies and thousands of employees adopt Agile techniques and Scrum methodologies to reduce risk and deliver successful projects.

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Meet the RedAgile Team

Our team at RedAgile is made up of individuals dedicated to delivering World Class Scrum and Agile training to students around the world. We are united by our passion for seeing the impact our training has on our students and witnessing the power Scrum Methodologies have in the organisations we help implement the framework.

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Stuart Mitchell

Certified Scrum Trainer & Certified Team Coach

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Stuart Mitchell CST, CTC, CSP, LeSS, CAL 1 + 2, is a Scrum Trainer, Agile Coach, international Presenter and Agile Thought Leader. He is the founder of RedAgile Training & Consulting and offers Scrum Alliance certification training in Australia, the USA, Europe and India. He was a founder of the UK Banking Agile Collaboration Leadership Team and is highly experienced in providing in-house Scrum Training in support of Agile Transformation and Scrum Team Coaching. Stuart is a Certified Scrum Trainer® who has worked in Project Management for two decades and is an award winning Agile project manager. He has a deep and personal understanding of the challenges faced by people adapting to the Scrum Framework. Stories about Stuart’s own experiences from the front lines of work are core to his teaching. He has worked for some of the biggest organisations in the world, promoting the adoption of Agile and Scrum across five continents and training people around the globe in support of Agile transformations. Qualifying in 2008, Stuart was one of the first CSM 's in the UK. He shares many of his own real world 'war stories' in both training and consulting. But having successfully overcome countless hurdles in his own Scrum journey, there's also a wealth of positive and inspiring experiences to drawn on to illustrate the power of Agile and Scrum to transform work, life and whole organisations. Stuart is passionate about Agile education and when not helping Scrum teams reach their goals via the classroom, he is working with local charities to adopt and apply Scrum to bring immediate benefit to the community. He is father of 3 grown up sons, a husband and a sporting Rugby Coach. Stuart is a lifelong learner who is currently enjoying life in Sydney, Australia.

Stu is one of the world’s leading Scrum Trainers and Agile Coaches.  His approach to training is founded on a wealth of experience working across five continents. He is convinced that the best learning at every level is interactive, engaging, and fun.


The outcomes for Stu’s training courses are extremely successful. Now based in Sydney, he has also lived and worked in the UK and Hong Kong. He has won awards, written papers and become a trusted facilitator and  speaker at global Agile Events.

Sam Bowtell

Certified Scrum Trainer & Certified Team Coach

Energy, Caring and Fun. Sam brings these to every aspect of his work and life as a Leader, Coach, Trainer and Facilitator.
He’s played many roles in the teams he has been part of; Scrum Master, Product Owner, Practice Lead, Training Lead, Program Lead and Sales Lead.
Sam works for the Commonwealth Bank in Australia, and in his current role he runs the Bank’s Agility Practice, leading the Bank’s team of Agile coaches and helps people adopt better ways of working and leading.

In the community Sam is involved in some skilled volunteering with OzHarvest, looking at how they can use the Agile mindset and scrum practices to improve how they run their operations. Outside of work, Sam is a lifelong Chelsea supporter, a mirror twin and a loving husband, father, friend and coach to his family, Sara, Jasmine and Charlie and their 3 chickens!

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Pauline McCole

Co-Founder & Operations Director

Is the Director Of Operations for RedAgile Training And Consulting, a full service training organisation operating in markets across the world.
Personally qualified in Training From the Back Of the Room technique and certified as a ScrumMaster and Scrum Product Owner. Supports all of the Scrum and Agile training offered by RedAgile in Australia, Singapore, USA, India, Europe and the UK.

Pauline is also a BBC trained, award winning journalist and presenter with over fifteen years of experience working across a range of media including radio, online, digital and print. Her range of expertise is broad and builds on a deep knowledge base of diverse sectors including business, economics, tourism and leisure, technology, consumer affairs, marketing, public relations and corporate communications.

Stuart Turner

Certified Scrum Trainer

Over 25 years Stuart has worked on product and organisational innovation with clients ranging from big banks and government agencies to innovative startups.


He runs workshops throughout Asia, North American and Europe.  Stuart enjoys crossing the boundaries of product development, organisational design and personal coaching.  He is fascinated by  communities, neighbourhoods, societies and each individual’s place within them. This led Stuart to become a certified coach, mentor and trainer. 


Dr. Sarah Robertson

Leadership Expert

Sarah is passionate in applying experience gained over two decades to help people to understand their own minds better.  Her specialism is guiding leaders to have focus, compassion, awareness, innovation, resilience, and success in Agile culture.


This leads to productive awareness of values and purpose. Sarah’s career encompasses Biotech start-ups, GE, Accenture, and BCG. She has consulted at complex organisations, SMEs and not-for-profits across Europe, Singapore and Australia.

Martin Ruckert CSM

Visual Story Teller & Agile Coach

Martin’s mission is to simplify complexity, in an authentic, effective and above all visual way. He is an Associate Visual Facilitation Trainer and has enjoyed a career spanning financial services and digital media.


He is driven by the significant outcomes achieved when visuals such as posters, infographics and storyboards are used to improve effectiveness in all around communication. Martin’s training courses result in highly effective  teamwork through stunning, visual information sharing.


Donna Jericho

Product Owner of Content

Donna has worked for over 2 decades in some of Australia’s largest companies starting in technical IT infrastructure roles before becoming a Project Manager. She began her project management career on Agile and XP software development projects then onto a variety of Infrastructure projects on both customer and vendor sides of business, now moving back into Agile ways of working.

She also enjoys the creative side-hustle; has done regular volunteer work, worked at a winery including certifications in wine, created blogs, photo books, and has produced her own cookbook. 


RedAgile Using Scrum as a force for good

Using Scrum as a force for good is important to us here at RedAgile. This is something we’ve contemplated since we started. For us, good means more than just delivering high quality training and coaching; it reflects how we fulfil our role in the community and encapsulates our approach to doing business.

We want to give something back, to help those on the Scrum journey and others who are just brilliant at helping those who need help the most.