Who's Who In The Scrum Zoo

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The Three Roles Of Scrum

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The Scrum Master - "The translator"

  • The advocate and servant leader for the team

  • Keeps communications flowing between the Product Owner and the Development Team

  • Protects the process by keeping Scrum Events and Artefacts on track and on schedule

The product owner - "The Transmitter"

  • Keeps communications flowing between the Stakeholders and the Scrum Team

  • Decides WHAT the highest priority items are for the team to work on.

  • Makes sure the whole team is always working on delivering VALUE.

Development Team - "The Specialists"

  • Naturally self-organising and determines HOW the highest priority work will be completed.

  • Is cross-functional... meaning has all the skills needed to complete the agreed work.

  • Accepts guidance in Scrum in a flat hierarchy with the Scrum Master and Product Owner.

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