How to Earn and Update Your SEUs

Updated: Mar 25

Scrum Education Units® or SEUs are study units that relate to Scrum and Agile and that are outside of your normal work. After attaining your Scrum Alliance certification, you need to maintain a minimum amount of SEUs to be able to renew every 2 years. It’s easy to earn SEUs and it will help you stay relevant as well as competitive in the market. It marks your participation, educational experience and continued proficiency in the underlying principles and practices of Scrum, while at the same time maintaining your certification.

It's now even easier to earn and add your SEUs via the Scrum Alliance site, with the new CSM and CSPO SEU Toolkit. SEUs can be found in the Scrum Alliance resource library and are now earned automatically and added to your user profile while you are logged in.

SEUs follow a 1:1 ratio, where one hour of participation or preparation is equal to one SEU. Then, each SEU is roughly 1 hour of study or participation. For example:

- 1-day event is 8 SEUs maximum

- 2-day event is 16 SEUs, etc.