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How to Earn and Update Your SEUs

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Scrum Education Units® or SEUs are study units that relate to Scrum and Agile and that are outside of your normal work. After attaining your Scrum Alliance certification, you need to maintain a minimum amount of SEUs to be able to renew every 2 years. It’s easy to earn SEUs and it will help you stay relevant as well as competitive in the market. It marks your participation, educational experience and continued proficiency in the underlying principles and practices of Scrum, while at the same time maintaining your certification.

It's now even easier to earn and add your SEUs via the Scrum Alliance site, with the new CSM and CSPO SEU Toolkit. SEUs can be found in the Scrum Alliance resource library and are now earned automatically and added to your user profile while you are logged in.

SEUs follow a 1:1 ratio, where one hour of participation or preparation is equal to one SEU. Then, each SEU is roughly 1 hour of study or participation. For example:

- 1-day event is 8 SEUs maximum

- 2-day event is 16 SEUs, etc.

- 1-hour webinar or course is 1 SEU

Scrum Education Units diagram

The aim is to encourage you to give back to the Scrum community and grow it by volunteering, mentoring and attending events. But here are the categories and ways to get SEUs.

SEUs come from 4 main areas: Events, Learning, Volunteering, and Other.

Scrum Events picture


You can participate in events sponsored by Scrum Alliance and broader. It includes Agile conferences, user groups and Scrum MeetUps.

Scrum SEU lightbulb


Keep learning with activities such as attending webinars, training, courses, reading (check out the RedAgile reading list for Scrum Masters and Product Owners). It also includes presenting, authoring Scrum books, blogs or articles.

The CSM and CSPO SEU Toolkits on the Scrum Alliance resource library have numerous articles and blog posts.

Scrum SEU Volunteer


Scrum Alliance encourages you to give back to the community. Therefore, you can earn SEUs by providing non-compensated professional Scrum services, that is, volunteer work that relates to Scrum that is not paid by your employer or another party.

SEU Other Education cog


You can earn SEUs via various other collaborative learning activities with other Scrum practitioners involving educational activities for you or others. Anything that doesn’t fit into the other categories would have their place here.


SEU Calculator

Refer to the Scrum Alliance SEU Calculator for details on total SEUs required and renewal fees for each certification (including multiple certifications).


How to Submit your SEUs

Manage Scrum Education Units
  • Go to the Scrum Alliance website and log in. You will only have a login if you have completed a Scrum Alliance certification (see our Book Courses menu for more information on Scrum Alliance certification courses).

  • It will take you to your dashboard where you can see your completed certificates, plus your SEU status on the right.

  • Click on Manage SEUs. Add in your entries and click Submit.

  • OR Click on either the "Scrum Master SEU Toolkit" or the "Product Owner SEU Toolkit". Read any of the articles or watch any of the webinars - your SEUs will be added automatically!



Scrum Education Unit FAQs

What proof do I need for SEUs?

If attending an event, making a presentation, or writing an article, Scrum Alliance ask for a link. Otherwise, it's an honesty system as it’s about your own learning experience and self-improvement.

How many SEUs (maximum) for reading a book?

Depending on the size, be realistic about how long it took. Digital readers will often tell you the reading duration as a guide.

How and when do I know my SEUs are approved?

They are approved (or rejected) within a few days of submission. Go back to the Scrum Alliance website, login, and check under Manage SEUs.

When is the deadline for submitting SEUs?

You have 90 days after expiry of your certification to renew, including adding more SEUs.

Why renew?

The same reason that you did the certification in the first place; for recognition of the standard of Scrum work that you do, for a certificate which gives you the same level of expertise as other Scrum Alliance professionals world-wide.


More Information

See the Scrum Alliance SEU webpage for more information, and more ideas for earning SEUs.


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