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Agile Is Trending

3 Ways Agile Makes Work Better

It’s no secret that the adoption to an Agile way of working has grown significantly during the pandemic. The Agile approach is proven to be very effective in increasing outcomes, flexibility and engagement of employees.

A new study from has found the adoption of agile to have increased from 37% to 86% for software development teams, and for non-IT groups adoption has doubled. With the challenges of hybrid working, it is becoming clear a higher level of alignment between and among teams is now required - and companies are recognising the power of Agile to address these changes.

Why Agile? Why Now?

The study from has demonstrated that Agile has instilled positive changes to organisations. 70% of companies have experienced an enhanced ability to manage changing priorities, and over half of those have been more effective in managing distributed teams. Of companies implementing Agile, 50% have stated they have their reduced risk profile and now have the ability to react to change more quickly.

Agile helps people and companies shift quickly, it addresses emerging needs and allows organisations to respond effectively.

Agile Drives Speed and Results

The amplifying effects of social media combined with greater competition and more demanding customers, means organisations' workload are now more intense and time-restricted than ever.

The Agile Manifesto states that consumer needs and working software advancements can be improved over time. This new research finds that companies which implement and expand their agile practises see:

  • Accelerated software delivery (64% of companies)

  • Increased team productivity (60%)

  • Enhanced predictability of delivery (51%)

  • Enhanced software quality (45%)

  • Increased process discipline (45%)

These results are compelling for companies but they’re most impressive for employees, who report a greater sense of joy and satisfaction knowing their work has made a qualitative contribution.

Agile Drives Engagement

Agile ways of working prioritises a growth mindset and places people ahead of processes.

According to's Agile Report, 66% of organisations reported improvements in team connections. When employees have a ‘line of sight’ from their work to teammates and onto consumers, they become more engaged.

Even more impressively, 70% of companies which increased greater project visibility through Agile saw positive uplift for employee's attention.

To Sum Up

Its increasingly clear organisations enjoy a competitive advantage in terms of results when adopting Agile. As workforces become under increasing and new pressures due to hybrid working, it's now also emerging that Agile may be key to a happier and more committed employees.

Agile is good for business, good for employees and good for the future.

Disclaimer: This content has been extracted from Forbes Magazine originally written by Tracy Brower (April 24, 2022), to read more please visit the link below:

Agile Is Trending: 3 Ways Agile Makes Work Better.

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