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Agile Leadership = Healthy Corporate Culture

The challenge of unlocking the potential of an organisation's people sounds like something any leadership team should be making a top priority. All too often that’s not the case, according to Chuck Moller, Forbes Council Member and Founder of MCG Partners.

Writing in Forbes Magazine this week he warns that far too many executives and senior management are seriously struggling to adapt to a Corporate Culture that encourages and motivates high-performing teams.

So what’s the solution? How can those at the top create or revamp the kind of company ethos that will deliver the desired vision, purpose and values?

The answer lies clearly with an Agile Leadership approach, says Chuck Moller and he shares a 5 stage plan to build a more positive, inclusive culture that engages and motivates employees.

1. Start at the top.

Leadership sets the best example and re-setting corporate culture should not be delegated.

2. Make sure everyone knows your company’s “why”.

An Agile leader will focus on creating a positive culture of shared values they everyone can align with, and happily support.

3. Find out what makes your culture uniquely yours.

The focus should be on people, values, quality, learning and development. These are all important and Agile leaders will ask their employees to participate in creating a better culture.

4. Identify and close gaps between culture and strategy.

Agile leaders welcome tools like engagement surveys to discover what people really think. With that insight it’s possible to close the gaps so everyone is on board with cultural change.

5. Follow through with changes.

The most crucial element of true Agile Leadership is to first believe that making long lasting cultural change is possible and to then follow through on making the crucial changes needed.

As a practical example of his 5 point plan Chuck Moller’s Forbes article points to Microsoft. Traditionally known for its performance-driven, competitive culture, everything changed in 2014 with the arrival of new CEO Satya Nadella. His approach was in sharp contrast to his predecessor and in a few short years the culture had been transformed and Microsoft’s value increased. According to one engineer, “What changed was leadership, and everything followed from that.”

The message here is simple, the responsibility for the culture and values within your company lie with you as a leader. And if you conclude that change is needed an Agile Leadership approach is a sure way to make changes and to make them stick.

Disclaimer: This content has been extracted from Forbes Magazine, to read more please visit the link below:

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