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Dot Voting

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Doting Voting (also referred to as Silent Voting) is a voting technique which is more equitable and private than a show of hands.

Dot Voting picture

How to Use:

When you have finished brainstorming ideas (for example) using sticky notes on a board, each person uses a marker to place a dot on their top ideas so that you can see the group's top votes. If using a virtual board such as Mural, Mural has an in-built doting voting function to mark the top ideas. Each person gets 3-5 dots to vote on ideas, 1 dot per idea (although could do 2 or more dots per 1 idea - decide up front). Highest voted ideas go through or just top vote, although decide this at the start.

There will be some people voting early to influence others, some want to hold back and potentially be the deciding vote. Voting may be skewed towards a few ideas in which case may need another round of voting on those only or take them all through. 

Examples of Use: 

  • For the end of Retrospective meetings run by the Scrum Master.

  • For Scrum Masters when doing Sprint Planning with the team to select the top Product Backlog Items to fit into the Sprint Backlog.

For other facilitation tools and techniques, refer back to the Facilitation Techniques Index.

To see how you can use these techniques in your Scrum Events, refer to our Scrum Events Facilitation Tools article.

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