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Facilitation Techniques Index

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

A listing of facilitation and decision-making techniques in one convenient place! Come back regularly to see what techniques have been added to the index.

Also, to see how you can use these techniques in your Scrum Events, refer to our Scrum Events Facilitation Tools article.


Also called Tomato Timer, a way of splitting large meetings or events into set time periods and set intervals to improve focus.


6 Hat Thinking - Edward De Bono

A technique used to get people to think more laterally and to bring awareness to the way they think.

Use it for Sprint Retros to brainstorm ideas and actions for the next Sprint.

Doting voting picture

A group voting technique for voting on numerous items to determine the top items to action.

Use it during Sprint Planning to select the preferred Product Backlog Items to add to the Sprint Backlog. Use it in Retros to vote on Actions for the next Sprint.

Fist of Fives Voting picture with fingers and numbers

A group voting technique using fingers to vote; 5 to completely agree, 1 to disagree.

Use in your Daily Scrum to get a vote of confidence on achieving the Sprint Goal.

Roman Voting thumbs

Also called Roman Thumbs. A group voting technique when expecting a Yes/No answer.

Use it in your Daily Scrum to get a temperature check on whether the team can meet the Sprint Goal.

brain exploding with ideas

A brainstorming technique but limited to a very short period of time to encourage instinctive ideas or feedback.

Use it in Sprint Retros to come up with actions for the next Sprint. Use it in Ideation sessions to come up with new features.


A rapid estimation technique used by comparing items to each other in size.

Use in the Ideation stage or to prioritise items in Product Backlog Refinement.


Planning Poker is an estimation technique used to estimate User Stories in Sprint Planning and Backlog refinement.


A prioritisation technique to group items by importance: Must have, Should have, Could have, and Won't have this time.


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