7 Attributes of a Great Scrum Product Owner

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

You may have read that Product Owners are one of the fastest emerging jobs today and playing a more important role in companies. But what makes a Product Owner great? As a Product Owner you need to be passionate about your product and your customers as you represent these in the Scrum Team. You are a team player yet autonomous, you motivate and communicate well with a high degree of influence. If this sounds like you, and/or you are looking to move into a Product Owner role, here are some personal traits of a great Product Owner you can use to enhance your role.

1. Team Player

The Product Owner is an integral part of the Scrum Team to ensure successful Products are released. You let the Scrum Team know what the product is about and what and who is it for and help them understand the Product Vision. You get the Scrum Team involved in Product Backlog Prioritisation and Refinement, and you are open and transparent about the Product Backlog Items so that the team can estimate correctly. You get involved in Scrum Events when possible to help