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Rapid Brainstorming

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Use Rapid Brainstorming if regular brainstorming is not working. It uses a short time period of time as less time will allow for instinctive ideas and feedback.

Brain exploding with ideas

How to Use:

Firstly set ground rules such as:

- Everyone’s feedback is valid

- Be open-minded

- Focus on improvement

Use sticky notes (for in-person whiteboard) or virtual sticky notes (for online tools such as Mural), with 1 idea per stick note.

Set timer for 1 minute, and get everyone to put as many ideas on the board as possible.

For other facilitation tools and techniques, refer back to the Facilitation Techniques Index.

To see how you can use these techniques in your Scrum Events, refer to our Scrum Events Facilitation Tools article.

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