Recommended Agile Links & Podcasts

Updated: 6 days ago

Here's a list of key links that will be useful on your Scrum journey.

Scrum: How to do Twice as Much in Half the Time - Jeff Sutherland - TedTalks

Why I Don’t Use Story Points for Sprint Planning – Mike Cohn

Cargo Cult Thinking – Matthew Colville

Start With Why – Simon Sinek

Primitive Technology: Forge Blower - for a real-life example of MVP & iterations

Product Owner in a Nutshell – Henrik Knilberg (also see the Essential Scrum Reading section for his book Scrum and XP From the Trenches)

Example Usability Test With a Paper Prototype – Blue Duck labs

Definition of Done – from 3Pillar Global

The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us – Dan Pink’s talk at The RSA

User Story Examples – Mike Cohn (free PDF download)

Hiring: 42 + 5 Scrum Product Owner Interview Questions to Avoid Agile Imposters – Age of Product

Ready, Set, Go: Reinventing The Organization for Speed in the Post-COVID-19 Era – McKinsey & Company

Agile for Humans Podcast – Ryan Ripley

Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast – A daily podcast for Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches

Benefits of Keeping Your CSM Certification Active – Scrum Alliance

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