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Recommended Scrum Links & Podcasts

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Here's a list of key links that will be useful on your Scrum and Agile journey.




Scrum: How to do Twice as Much in Half the Time - Jeff Sutherland, Tedx Talks

From the father of Scrum is a video of his Tedx Talk where he talks about his book "How to do Twice as Much in Half the Time". He talks about his background, explains how to be agile is every business area, and how to disrupt the field.


Why I Don’t Use Story Points for Sprint Planning – Mike Cohn, Mountain Goat Software

Girl Reading about Scrum User Stories

An article by Mike Cohn, a leading expert on Scrum, on why story points are a useful long-term measure, but not in the short term.


User Story Examples – Mike Cohn, Mountain Goat Software

Typing Scrum User Stories

A free PDF download of over 200 User Story examples to get those creative juices flowing!


Cargo Cult Thinking – Matthew Colville

Matthew Colville explains a phenomenon called Cargo Cult Thinking in which people will practice rituals they believe will deliver an outcome because they think the ritual itself causes the outcome.

In Scrum, this may mean that just following Scrum Events will always deliver good outcomes where it is actually more complicated; you need teams that can write great code, Product Owners that come up with ideas for Products that customers want, team members who think in agile ways, and so on. You also cannot say you are Agile in your team or company by just renaming Project Managers to Scrum Masters and Business Analysts to Product Owners.


Start With Why – Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek talks about his book 'Start With Why' and why the 'why' is the most important part of the What How Why of developing products. We relate this to Scrum in developing a Product stage to define the motivation of a customer to buy a product and remain loyal, as well as to inspire and motivate the Scrum Team to give them a reason for creating the Product, a purpose for doing what they do.


Forge Blower - Primitive Technology

For an ancient, yet simple, real-life example of Most Valuable Product (MVP) and iterations.


Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell – Henrik Knilberg

A 2-day course squeezed into a fantastic 15-minute visualisation of what a Product Owner does.

(And if you are interested in this type of drawing technique for your Scrum career and for facilitating meetings, check out our page on the Bikablo technique)


Example Usability Test With a Paper Prototype – Blue Duck labs

For Product Owners - an example of a very simple paper prototype. Not all prototypes needs to be technically complex. Start with simple prototypes with target users who can point out issues or needs before building advanced prototypes or building the Product itself.


Agile Best Practices: The Definition of Done – 3Pillar Global

Why you need a mutual understanding and agreement of what 'done' means between an Agile team and stakeholders and executives.


The Tale of the Pig and the Chicken

A story about commitment vs involvement which can be related to Scrum Teams and stakeholders.


Facilitation Techniques Index

A listing of facilitation and decision-making tools and techniques in one convenient place!


Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us - Dan Pink, RSA

A very clever illustrated version of Dan Pink’s talk at The RSA on what motivates us- and it's not what you you would think.

(And if you are interested in this type of drawing technique for your Scrum career and for facilitating meetings, check out our page on the Bikablo technique)


42 + 5 Scrum Product Owner Interview Questions to Avoid Agile Imposters – Age of Product

Handshake for Scrum Product Owner interview questions

A great list of interview questions for interviewing Agile and Scrum practitioners as well as for practicing for your Product Owner job application. Also good to use for updating your CV with some Agile and Scrum language.


Ready, Set, Go: Reinventing The Organization for Speed in the Post-COVID-19 Era – Aaron De Smet, Daniel Pacthod, Charlotte Relyea, Bob Sternfels. McKinsey & Company

Agile dancer

An article on how being agile, and bringing in more agile ways of working, is more important than ever.


How to be a Product Owner webinar - David Pereira

This is good to watch either pre or post Product Owner course. Approximately 1 hour in length.


3 Benefits of Keeping Your CSM Certification Active – Scrum Alliance

puzzle on how to keep your SEUs active

We recommend keeping your Scrum Master certification active, and it's not hard to earn SEUs!




Agile for Humans Podcast – Ryan Ripley

microphone for a podcast on Agile and Scrum

An Agile podcast for humans! (Although not updated since April 2020. Hopefully we'll see more coming soon!).


Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast

microphone for a podcast on Agile and Scrum

A daily podcast for Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches.


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