7 Attributes of a Great Scrum Master

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Scrum Master is one of the fastest emerging jobs today and we are noticing more and more people getting certified. But who makes a good Scrum Master? Scrum Masters come from a variety of backgrounds; it is not a Manager nor a Project Manager role but you are still influential in keeping the Scrum Team running and project progressing. So if you are transitioning from a similar role or new to the role, it's important to know the personal traits to know if it's a good fit, and to learn and enhance your role.

1. Coach

Coaching the Scrum team on Agile and Scrum principles is a key attribute to a being great Scrum Master. You know Agile and Scrum principles and values and are able to teach and coach the team where there are knowledge gaps. Get your team familiar with the